The go to ski revolution

The Go to Ski looks like a snow scooter and reproduces the eight movements made by a skier’s feet mechanically.
This impressive innovation was created by the ingenious inventor and equipment manufacturer, Marc Gostoli.
The multi-use chameleon can be used by skiers wanting to learn to ski off-piste, very good skiers who want to perfect their posture and disabled skiers who can use it to ski standing up.

Learning in record time

  Thaïs JAUMOUILLIE – User
Capture d’écran 2017-08-22 à 15.17.54I was a complete beginner and learned to ski in a single morning using the Go to Ski in La Plagne! I just went down five runs using the machine before being able to ski parallel on my own. I didn’t have to start with snow plough, my subconscious took over and created automatic reflexes. Anyone can use the Go to Ski and learn much more quickly

Looking for the perfect turn

Capture d’écran 2017-08-22 à 15.18.10

Nicolas Albrand – Trainer at La Plagne’s Club des Sports
In just one run, our young skiers at the club understand their mistakes. The Go to Ski is a training aid for the club for several reasons: our young skiers have to accept the machine’s speed right through the turn, it corrects faults linked to the alignment of tibias and knees and helps users to understand forward/backward balance.


Upright skiing for all

Capture d’écran 2017-08-22 à 15.17.21Thanks to the Go to Ski, 76% of disabled skiers can ski upright in La Plagne! Creator of Antenne Handicap ski school and inventor of the machine, Marc Gostoli is proud to be helping those suffering from mental disabilities, head injuries, cerebral palsy, amputees, hemiplegics and autistic people to ski upright.
Since 1985, my aim has been to make skiing accessible to everyone. Attitudes have changed since then and disabled skiing is now recognised and integrated. I quickly realised that there were far more potential disabled skiers on two feet than in wheel chairs. They need to learn to ski in a different way and the Go to Ski allows them to learn to parallel ski very easily. The machine’s foldaway handlebar makes it easier to manage your feet and stops you falling either forwards or backwards. 98% of the actions are done with your hands”.



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