8 to 11/07/2021 – Super Huit, the new “all mountain” MTB / eMTB event

8 to 11/07/2021 – Super Huit, the new “all mountain” MTB / eMTB event

Stop the press! La Plagne and PEUGEOT Cycles have announced the launch of “Super Huit”, an all-new event to be held July 8 – 11, 2021.

Its distinctive features: original and adventurous event formats and the promise of exceptional courses developed, tested and approved by a team of experts and athletes from the field!

The first edition will have 2 events: the main race with the dizzying name of “Grand8” reserved for experts and the eMTB elite who will do a full tour of La Plagne over 2 days with a bivouac, and the “Double8”, the perfect race for amateurs (and anyone who is superstitious!) with a succession of circuits in the shape of a 4-leafed clover where participants can “stop or keep going”. We won’t mince our words: this is an ambitious event.

The organizers want to make it an essential part of the “all mountain” category of the mountain bike / e-mountain bike calendar.

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 The events

Grand8, the key event for experts and the eMTB élite – 8 & 9 July, 2021

In the style of a sensational fairground ride, the Grand8 will be a bit like an eMTB stampede as the riders head for the wide open spaces!

This special “best-of” La Plagne covering 100 kilometres and 5500 m elevation gain has all the ingredients needed to attract experts and elite mountain bikers looking for tricky, technical courses. Starting in the valley, the tour is meant to be enjoyed as a 2-day adventure with a convivial bivouac on the Champagny-en-Vanoise side. With technical climbs and enduro-type descents, there are plenty of single tracks (80% of the course) and a great variety of landscape from woods to mountain ridges to alpine pastures.

And since routine is not an option here, the race will start from a different place for each edition to create a different course!

Registrations open November 2020
Price: 200€ incl.  provisions, bivouac, meal

Its exclusive and selective format will be the prerogative of 50 cyclists selected on the basis of their sporting CV. Wildcards for a few elite riders
Participants must have 2 batteries of 500Wh capacity minimum each
The battery changing points are predefined by the organizers, who will also transport the batteries

GPS obligatory
2 categories: 500Wh battery and over 600Wh battery with a men’s / women’s ranking for each
Ranking per stage and overall ranking after the 2 days with prize money to win

Double8, 4 circuits on a “stop or keep going” basis for amateurs – July 10 & 11, 2021

The Double8 will take place over 2 days, in a traditional MTB solo version (July 10) and e-MTB solo or 2-man relay (July 11).

A 1-day race, the Double8 is a condensed tour of La Plagne with 4 successive circuits of varying difficulty, starting in Plagne-Bellecôte.

On a ”stop or keep going” basis, participants can prolong the fun according to their fitness and do a further circuit with different points of interest. 
The courses have been chosen with the same care as for the Grand8 but are intended to be accessible for amateurs and combine a wide range of terrain and landscapes from forests to the high mountain slopes.

Participants who ride the whole course will cover a total of 82 kilometres for 3700m of elevation gain. If fortune favours the bold, as the saying goes, it certainly will not be sufficient because real physical commitment will be required to complete the Double8!

Circuit 1 – Plagne-Montalbert sector – 23 km – 1025m elev. gain – difficulty: easy
Circuit 2 –  Champagny-en-Vanoise sector – 25 km – 1165m elev. gain – difficulty: medium
Circuit 3 – Montchavin-Les Coches sector – 23 km – 815m elev. gain – difficulty: easy
Circuit 4 –   Tour of Les Bourtes – 11 km – 725m elev. gain – difficulty: difficult

Only participants who complete all 4 circuits will be considered as finishers.

Classic MTB race (July 10)
XC course solo only.
Men’s and women’s ranking.

eMTB race (July 11)
Solo, 2 categories: 500Wh battery and over 600Wh battery with a men’s and women’s ranking for each. 2 batteries required for a rotation at the start of each new circuit.
Relay, 1 category without differentiation of battery size (minimum 500Wh). Change of rider after each completed circuit.

The Super 8 pool

The organisation is accompanied by a team of 5 experts and athletes to elaborate and refine the event.

Vincent Ancelin (PEUGEOT Cycles), Alex Balaud, Morgane Jonnier (PEUGEOT Cycles), Alexis Chenevier and Nadine Sapin all agreed to come and ride in La Plagne and contribute their experience.

They are proud to form the Super 8 pool


“It is with enthusiasm that PEUGEOT Cycles riders Vincent Ancelin and Morgane Jonnier have contributed their experience to the layout of the future Super 8 race!”
PEUGEOT CYCLES and LA PLAGNE (Savoie, France) have teamed up to develop the practice of e-mountain biking in the resort during the summer season.
This partnership offers an incomparable visibility for PEUGEOT Cycles in the world’s most highly frequented resort (4 million night stays per year).
Some 20 bikes will be provided for the “bike patrols” and the resort’s events managers who will use them during events all year round.