Element-ary, my dear!

Element-ary, my dear!

The mountains offer an unvarnished version of nature. In this environment, the elements speak out loud and clear. Confronting them means adapting, bending to the rules of Nature with a capital N, proving your resilience.



Cancelled Combe Bénite” downhill ski race, January 10, 2021

Started by downhill skiers and mountain professionals from the village of Granier and La Plagne, this new race takes place on the Versant du Soleil. The majestic scenery of Combe Bénite massif brings together popular experienced athletes over a course with 1600 to 1900 m of elevation gain. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience on skis the village’s conviviality and the beauty of the high mountain pastures, which has made the Combe Bénite summer trail race such a success over the past 10 years. 


Ice climbing

In the Champagny-le-Haut valley, a national heritage site, there is a 22 m high ice tower. Its 3 feet offer different inclines that can be climbed by beginners and experts. Initiation sessions are organised twice a week in the evening, which adds to the magical atmosphere. The tower also hosts international ice climbing competitions. A show that defies belief!

6 – 8pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 45 €

La Plagne Ice climbing festival, 22 to 24 January 2021

The world’s best will meet this winter in Champagny-le-Haut for a real outdoor show, an opportunity to see spidermen and women at work!

Louna Ladevant, ice climber / Winner of the 2020 World Cup, he moves across a sloping ice wall as if he was on a flying carpet, with style. At just 19 years old, his intuition is matched only by his obsession with this uncompromising element: ice. Seeing him climb helps you to understand the meaning of “freedom” a little better, something his brother, who is also an ice climbing champion, would certainly not deny.

The skating rink is opening again in Montchavin-Les Coches!

Skaters will once again be able to enjoy skating on the 800 m² rink in Les Coches, that has been closed for a few years. On the programme: free skating, sports competitions and entertainment.
Covered rink without walls, ideal for skating with a view of Mont-Blanc!

Ice, ice, baby

Your heart will go into palpitations on France’s one and only bobsleigh track in La Plagne! Open to the public until the start of April, you can try the Bob Raft, Speed Luge or Bob Racing according to your desired level of speed and adrenalin. It is the same track that athletes use for training and where competitions are held.

bobsleigh.net – min. height 1.30 m – bob raft: 48€, speed luge: 112€, bob racing: 128€ – reservation recommended

Green track

With a view to environmental awareness, the track has been implementing changes over a number of years. Firstly, by replacing the ammonia with glycol water then by covering the track with a white protective cover to reduce energy production by preserving the cold.

Agathe Bessard, skeleton / To throw yourself headfirst down a 1.5 km long tube of ice, you have to have nerves of steel. In 2020, she was the first French female athlete to compete in international skeleton events… and win medals. Her explosivity certainly contributes to her success.

Romain Heinrich, 2-man & 4-man bob / Romain started out as a shot-putter then became a bobsleigh pilot. His teammates say that he is a perfectionist, which tends to be confirmed by his results! He carefully considers every parameter in detail and throws himself body and soul into this unusual sport.

Margot Boch, 2-woman bob & monobob / Her grandfather was a pusher and French champion in 1959, her dad a pilot: in the Boch family, bobsleigh is in the blood. She has inherited an extreme precision in piloting and an iron will. Her rapid progress has impressed her rivals.


Connecting with the trees

Trees help humans by transmitting their beneficial energies. Karine, a ski instructor and sophrologist, tested this in sophrology sessions and now combines her 2 passions by inventing sophrology-skiing. She takes her clients from the slopes to the forest to connect with nature and receive all its benefits, such as confidence, concentration and wellbeing. She hopes this will help people to learn to ski serenely, positively and with energy.

In Montchavin-les Coches, 75€/pers. For a private 1½ hr lesson



A life-sized mine from olden times

Before the development of winter sports with our “white gold”, silver-lead mining was the region’s economic lifeblood. Its history is staged at the Maison du Patrimoine in Plagne Centre with a new immersive experience. You almost believe you are there! The gallery is reconstituted with a real wagon on rails, a miner working with his hammer drill and even a dummy detonator to simulate an explosion!