La Plagne est une source d’inspiration pour toutes sortes de reportages. Nature ou historique, pas besoin d’effets spéciaux pour un effet ‘wahou’.

Remake of Belle & Sebastian

Welcome to Champagny le Haut! The valley is labelled one of France’s “natural sites and monuments” and is La Plagne’s natural jewel. You feel like you are at the end of the world, untouchable somehow, protected by the Vanoise glaciers surrounding you. The scenery is quite breathtaking with cascading waterfalls, cows in the pastures and the whistling of marmots. You are at the entrance of the Vanoise National Park: binoculars are a must, particularly if you want to observe the ibex, the uncontested stars of the mountain pastures. If you decide that you cannot bear to leave this idyllic spot, you can spend a cosy night in a refuge.

Activities: acro-branch – hiking, e-MTB trails, pony and horse rides and the Espace Glacialis, a museum where you can find out all about the glaciers.

The event: Festiv’été, June 30th, 2019

For its 7th edition, the Festiv’été is an opportunity to (re)discover the natural, cultural, historic and gastronomic heritage of the mountains, as well as enjoying the diversity of fun sports activities proposed in the classified glacial valley of Champagny le Haut.

Practical info: Tel. +33 (0)4 79 55 06 55

Practical info for all the activities and addresses: La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise tourism: – Tel. +33 (0)4 79 55 06 55

A new episode of “Once Upon a Time…Man”

[NEW] Time travelling in Aime

After witnessing the different eras that the Tarentaise has been through, the small town of Aime in the valley will be staging its heritage in an original way on Wednesday evenings over the summer.

  • Pilates sessions in the 1000-year old St. Martin’s basilica! (10/07, 07/08 & 21/08)
  • Discover the medieval garden at the Montmayeur Tower that dates back to the 15th century and taste herbal teas (31/07 & 28/08)
  • Guided tour of the priory with a storyteller and a musician (17/07 & 14/08)

Practical info for all the activities and addresses: On reservation. 6€ /adult, 3€/child. Duration 1hr. La Plagne Valley: – Tel. 04 79 55 67 00

A sensorial approach to the Baroque!

This summer, the baroque church of Saint Sigismond in Champagny en Vanoise is proposing sensorial guided tours: baroque art through sight, smell, taste and hearing! Accompanied by an art and history guide, the trail of the five senses starts when you walk from outside to inside, one step at a time between light and shade, with the scent of incense and the soft tones of baroque music.  Its particularities: a “Leaning Tower of Pisa” style clock tower and an altarpiece that is completely covered in gold!

Practical info: Monday 15/07, 29/07 & 12/08/2019 from 5 – 6.30pm. Adult: 5 €, free for under 16s. La Plagne Champagny en Vanoise tourism: – Tel. 04 79 55 06 55.

You can also enjoy Baroque art in the villages of the Versant du Soleil above the town of Aime. You only need to look up to see that every little hamlet in Savoie has something to admire. The chapels and churches are all representative of the baroque art that is so much appreciated in the Tarentaise!

Practical info for all the activities and addresses: La Plagne Valley: – Tel. +33 (0)4 79 55 67 00

Eating and sleeping in a refuge

There are 7 refuges across the resort, offering original accommodation that will bring Heidi’s chalet to mind!

At the entrance of the Vanoise National Park

-Refuge du Bois : a real showcase of mountain curiosities –

-Refuge du Laisonnay : the stereotype of the mountain refuge –

– Refuge du Plan des Gouilles : at the foot of the Grand Bec glacier –

In the Vanoise National Park

-Refuge de la Glière : whether you are looking for a modern or a traditional room, there is something for everyone. You can get there on foot, on horseback or even on an electric mountain bike! –

Between the Tarentaise and Beaufortain valleys

– Refuge de la Coire : very easy to get to, just a 15-minute walk from the nearest car park –

– Refuge de la Balme : at the foot of the famous Pierra-Menta, on the GR5 trail –

– Refuge de Presset : this recently-built refuge is on the side of Lake Presset, looking up to the Pierra Menta –