Detective movie

Columbo’s wife told him that there was something strange going on in La Plagne Bellecôte. He immediately threw his raincoat on and ran to the scene of the crime…or crimes, we should say… the resort’s two Escape Game rooms, a first in the Tarentaise valley.

Hunting for the Chuppa Yéti

The scenario: the Chuppa Yeti, a cuddly version of the abominable snowman, is the new fashionable pet and is selling at a premium on the black market. On holiday in La Plagne, you are following a trail that looks like it will lead you to the animal. A visit to old Emile, a specialist in the local fauna, gets you on the right track…

+ points: min. age 8, 100% mountain atmosphere and high-level clues to solve!

Escaping from the bunker

The scenario: In a post-apocalyptic world, you have survived a virus that has wiped out a large part of the human race. While searching for other survivors, you detect a signal that leads you to the foot of Mont Saint-Jacques. The question is, can you find your place among the colony?

+ points: thrills guaranteed for the investigators, the decor is straight out of “The Revenant”: Not for sensitive souls!

Practical info: 2 people minimum, 6 people maximum – Prices: 38€/pers. for 2 people, 32€/pers. for 3 people, 28€/pers. for 4 people, 24€/pers. for 5 people, 20€/pers. for 6 people. Reservation on:   – Tel. +33 (0)6 74 63 72 33

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