Action scenes

  • If you want an Indiana Jones-style adventure
    • 3 via ferratas for acting out a Spiderman movie
    • Over 2.5 km of zipwires to fly like Superman
    • White water sports to float like Sponge Bob
    • All sorts of driving stunts: just like the Airplane movies!
  • Keep on running like Forrest Gump
    • The 6000D celebrates its 30th anniversary July 26th – 28th, 2019
    • The other trail running events
    • Permanent trail running itineraries

1/ If you want an Indiana Jones-style adventure

Get out your hat and whip and we’re off on an adventure. Indy has a great time tackling all the elements, playing with space, speed and the unknown. Of course, he also enjoys some holiday time, with fewer adventures and more time to have fun with the family. The great outdoors is fine and it’s even better without someone chasing after you!

3 Via Ferratas for acting out a Spiderman movie

Definition: an itinerary built into a rocky wall, equipped with metal supports for help along the way and to ensure the safety of the people using it.

La Plagne has 3 Via Ferratas for all levels: 1 above Belle Plagne and 2 in the Champagny en Vanoise area. They are all free of charge. You just need a special via ferrata harness and a mountain helmet.

↓ Ideal for younger Spidermen ↓

Les Bourtes – Belle Plagne

Minimum height 1m30. Ultra-safe with a continuous “Aeroligne” lifeline! 600 metres long, including a monkey bridge, ramps, ladders and 2 aerial zipwires.

Le Plan du Bouc – Champagny en Vanoise

800 – 900 m course depending on whether you choose to follow the ridge or the cliff. It is the perfect balcony spot for admiring the Champagny le Haut valley! Level ranges from quite easy to quite difficult.

↓ For Spidermen who already know how to spin a web ↓

Les Grosses Pierres – Champagny en Vanoise

Vertical and athletic are the adjectives that best describe this 200m course above Champagny-le-Bas. It is classified ‘extremely difficult’ with some overhangs and is therefore for experienced climbers only.

Practical info: Open May to October, equipment rental from sports shops from 10€ / day.

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Over 2.5 km of zipwires to fly like Superman

La Plagne has a total of over 2.5 km of zipwires using 2 different concepts. Hanging from a pulley, you can enjoy the panorama and the adrenalin rush that comes with the speed and the void beneath your feet.

Supertyro – Plagne Centre

With its 16% gradient, this zipwire is twice as steep as an average one, reaching speeds equivalent to a car on a main road… A convertible with the hood down, of course, with the wind in your hair, a view of Mont Blanc and a 140 m void beneath your feet!

Practical info: 20 € / person, min. weight 40 kg, max 100 kg – Tel: +33 (0)6 51 21 01 73

Zipwire cascade – Belle-Plagne

The 2 km course zigzags between the trees from Belle Plagne to Plagne Bellecôte with no less than 10 zipwires of 50 to 110 m long: you can try some aerial sprinting 45m above the ground with a special final thrill consisting of a 9m base jump.

Practical info: From 20€ / person, min. age 10 – Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 11 62.

White water sports to float like Sponge Bob !

Rafting, canoeing, kayak – La Plagne Valley

You can try rafting, hydrospeed and canoe-rafting on a 23km descent of the legendary Isère river between Bourg Saint Maurice and Centron. A mouth-watering menu with a series of rapids with original names, like “the Dining Room”, “the Ham-Slicing Machine” and “the Dessert”. The best is saved for last when you go through Centron gorges and the Roman bridge straight out of a history book!  A children’s “discovery” version exists for 8 / 11-year olds.

Practical info: La Plagne Valley – Tel. 04 79 55 67 00 – 42€/pers.

All sorts of driving stunts: just like the Airplane movies

Colorado Bike park – La Plagne Altitude

Winding through the Alpine pastures and the dolines above Plagne Centre, the bike park’s eight mountain bike trails form a cocktail for all levels that children aged 6 and over will enjoy as much as more experienced cyclists. You can get to all the trails from the Colorado and Colosses chairlifts, so all you need to do is choose an itinerary out of the 2 green trails, 4 blues, 2 reds or 1 black that take you back down to Plagne Centre or Plagne Bellecôte. Children and beginners will prefer the more gentle, fun slopes, whilst ace riders will opt for a more exhilarating and technical descent.

Practical info: Open 6/07 – 31/08/2019, 7/7. MTB patrollers present for maintenance and supervision, washing station at the bottom of the chairlift. MTB rental from 15€/day. Chairlift: 5€, area pass: 15€, free for under 10s

4 E Spots

E-MTBs are no longer just for cycling around but are now also perfect for exploring or improving your technical biking skills. The ‘E Spots’ are fun zones where you can try new tricks on the way down or on the way back up. You’ll find raised turns, varied gradients, modules and jumps along the way.

There are 4 E Spots across the resort:

  • 2 new E Spots in Plagne-Montalbert, in a pastoral forest setting
  • 1 new E Spot in Plagne Bellecôte, right in the centre of the resort
  • 1 E Spot, in Plagne Centre’s bike park
  • Infos pratiques : accès gratuit – location des VTT-AE à partir de XX€ pour la ½ journée

Practical info: access free of charge – Electric MTB rental from XX€ for a ½ day

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Pump track

You can keep turning in circles on Plagne Bellecôte’s pump track at 2000m without ever getting bored! The idea on this asphalt circuit track made up of raised turns and humps is to maintain and increase your speed by pumping your bike.

3 courses for all levels are accessible to all on bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards and kids’ pedal-free bikes: 1 green course 500 metres long for beginners and children and 1 blue course with a more technical red section.

Practical info: Access free of charge –

[NEW] Mountain Kart & Déval’Kart

Hurtle down the mountain on a 3-wheeler in Mario Kart style, from age 10! New this summer, you can try a Mountain Kart in Plagne Bellecôte. It has “Harley Davidson” style handlebars and a hydraulic braking system. Take the chairlift to the top of the Mountain Kart slope. You can also test its cousin, the Deval Kart, in Plagne Montalbert. It has a braking system on the steering wheel and you take the drag lift to the top of the slope.


-Mountain Kart: xxxxxdates – protective equipment supplied – min. height 1m30, x€ / descent

-Deval Kart: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 3 – 5.30pm – 1 descent: 3€, 4 descents: 10€.

The event: 9th edition of the Motor Sportive Day in Montchavin-la Plagne, 30/06/2019

Hosting an array of top-quality sports cars and supercars of all generations and types. The road between Montchavin and Les Coches is closed so you can test drive one of the cars on a 5km run. From 30€. Funds raised for the Association de l’Oeuvre des Pupilles des Sapeurs Pompiers (Children’s Charity).
Practical info: – Tel: +33 (0)4 79 07 82 82

2/ Keep on running like Forrest Gump

Trail running in the mountains is becoming ever more popular. La Plagne has been into it for 30 years now with its 6000D event offering 8 different races for all levels. Without even mentioning the permanent trails of course!

The 6000D celebrates its 30th anniversary July 26th – 28th, 2019

A pioneer of mountain trail races that dates back to the start of the 90s, the 6000D is now one of the most established races, a “must-do” for mountain runners and a proud achievement for the resort of La Plagne.  8 races for all levels are organised over 3 days: from a family treasure hunt to the star race over a 65 km course with 3500 metres of elevation gain, going from the apple orchards to the glacier.

Practical info :

Communiqué de presse de la 6000D en cliquant ici !

The 30 year exhibition

30 years of emotion, 30 years of passion, 30 years of exceeding personal boundaries, 30 years of happiness: all that is what the 30th anniversary of the 6000D represents! For the competitors, the spectators and the volunteers, taking part in the 6000D is always a key moment and an incredible human experience. The “6000D spirit” is a careful blend of conviviality and personal achievement.

For this anniversary edition, the team will be looking back and creating an exhibition that highlights all the “little” stories that make up the full history of the 6000D. The idea being to connect each geographical point of the course to a year of emotion. It will be modelled in St. Martin’s basilica in Aime, the central point of the event.

People of all ages and sporting ability can visit the 6000D exhibition and tell themselves “I have been part of it too!”

The other trail running events

1st of August, 2019: Astragale in Plagne Aime 2000 –él : +33 (0)4 79 09 02 01

6th of August, 2019: Prajourdane in Plagne-Montalbert –él : +33 (0)4 79 09 77 33

11th of August, 2019: Grande Bec Alpine Trail in Champagny en Vanoise –él : +33 (0)4 79 55 06 55

Permanent trail running itineraries

La Plagne has also created 19 marked trails for all levels, accessible throughout the summer season. Levels: 4 easy, 4 medium, 4 difficult, 5 very difficult (unmarked but with GPS coordinates), 2 straight climbs.

Practical info: free of charge / topoguide available 1€

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