1961 > 2021: La Plagne has 60 candles to blow out!

1961 > 2021: La Plagne has 60 candles to blow out!

The 2021/22 season will be a celebration of 60 years of memories and emotions lived by those who have loved La Plagne. A precious, shared inheritance, federated by the Red Hat, which is proudly passed down from generation to generation and which everyone is determined to value and protect. This birthday will be a very special opportunity to look back at the road that has been travelled, as well as looking to the future to write the blank page of the next sixty years, with preservation of the environment as the major goal.

English subtitles available

Special birthday offer

A 6-day ski pass for the price of 5 days for guests who celebrate their 60th birthday during their stay.

Offer valid for any purchase of a 1 week package from our on-line travel agency, La Plagne Resort.

Gifts for the senses

To mark this occasion, La Plagne is preparing a home fragrance and creating a short sound track to stimulate its visitors’ senses from the start of the winter season.

“Inoubliable”, the home fragrance created by 100BON

A source of evasion and stirrer of memories, Inoubliable (Unforgettable), La Plagne’s very own home fragrance created by 100BON takes you on an immediate journey to the Alps, with its surprising mix of a refreshing breath of fresh air and the gourmet aromas of our childhood. The sweet roundness of patchouli and vanilla is mixed with the delicate strength of forest pine needles and energizing citrus notes in a nod to the famous mulled wine.

Visitors will be able to smell the fragrance as soon as they arrive in any of our tourist offices or ski pass sales offices.
Price: 27€

Musical notes

For your listening pleasure, a short piece of music composed by Antonin Vilpoix will also be heard, an unforgettable tune that will be used for event jingles or to accompany resort videos and commercials.

3 books inspired by the history of La Plagne

For children

In the same vein as the “Where’s Wally” books, the game consists of exploring La Plagne’s different sites through pages swarming with fun characters. The books looks at the story of a family of loyal holidaymakers who come back to La Plagne year after year. The key events of their lives match the dates that have marked the resort, from 1961 to today. The illustrations in the book were all custom created by Vicky Royer – who lives at the foot of La Plagne- using the plans of each of the resort sites.
42 pages
On sale in Tourist Offices.
Price: 15 €

La Plagne, 60 years of promotion through objects
Patrick Hazeaux looks back at the history of La Plagne through the many promotional items created in the effigy of the Red Hat logo. Over 1100 items are represented!
136 pages
On sale online and in Tourist Offices

Price: 18 €

A history of La Plagne

Two real La Plagne enthusiasts, Romain Guigon and Agnès Le Masson, have published a first-hand account based on the memories of more than 50 witnesses. Of the 268 pages of the book, more than 100 are illustrated with mostly unpublished images.
On sale online and in Tourist Offices
Price: 30 €

Not just one birthday, but another 5!

La Plagne was not built in a day! 1960 marked the creation of the initial site of Plagne Centre. Over the years, La Plagne has grown considerably with the arrival of new sites, all bound together under the red hat. Some of these sites are also celebrating a special birthday this winter: Montalbert and Les Coches are turning 40, while Montchavin, Plagne 1800 and the link between Champagny-en-Vanoise and the La Plagne ski area will be 50.