We can be heroes, just for one day

We can be heroes, just for one day

Hero #1: Skiers with thighs of steel!

April 3 2021- 4th edition of the Super Slalom

The world’s longest slalom! On a 4 km slope with 350 gates, non-professional skiers of all levels compete with pros from the international ski scene in a sporting and convivial spirit. The event, backed by the French Ski Federation, is now in several formats that the general public can enjoy.

A permanent timed slalom

No need to be a champion to ski a slalom! Amateur skiers can try this fun connected course and get a video of their exploits via the YUGE app. Julien Lizeroux, one of the 2 creators of the Super Slalom, sets a reference time at the start of the season, just to spice things up a little for those who want to challenge him!

Included in the ski pass

Village challenge

During the February school holidays, the Super Slalom team moves round the resort organising a fun, free parallel slalom event.

Open to all from minimum level 3rd star


Hero #2: Modern-day skiers

With your tablet in your hand, in the guise of a troll or a secret agent, your day’s skiing takes on a new dimension thanks to augmented reality. This family adventure is at your ski tips with the I-Quest escape game! The escape game concept comes out in the open with this version on the slopes.

80€ per game, escape2rooms.fr

Hero #3: the VIP

Plagne Centre ESF is getting off the beaten track with customised ski coaching afternoon sessions to learn or improve your technique. The Tuesday sessions are filmed. Using his camera, the instructor takes his client in hand like a real pro with a detailed analysis of their technique. You are sure to progress and benefit from the personalised advice.

From 33€ for the afternoon esf-plagne.com

Hero #4: the one who skis faster than his own shadow

The latest of the 12 fun zones in the ski area is called Buffalo Park, on a slope that resembles a canyon in the Far-West.
We like Mobile slalom gates and fun modules for an entertaining race course.

Included in the ski pass

Hero #5: Taking the wheel

With its retro style that is a combination of an all-terrain buggy and a spider, the Swincar certainly deserves a spot on the starting line of Wacky Races! But there are no cheap shots here, just a fun, silent ride on the snow in this articulated, electric vehicle.

Guided outings, for 1hr or on an expedition. 45€/driver and 20€/passenger. Book at the Montalbert tourist office.