Trail running, la Plagne is fighting fit

Trail running, la Plagne is fighting fit

Already renowned for its 6000D trail running event, La Plagne is now going even further by offering a choice of 18 permanent marked trails including two steep climbs. With routes for all levels of runner across La Plagne, any requirements will be met.

Four green trails: easy

Four blue trails: medium

Four red trails: difficult

Four black trails: very difficult (not marked but with GPS navigation)

Two steep climbs



Trail running courses

Preparation on the 6000D tracks – 4th to 7th July 2016

Stéphane Brogniart, a runner from the Brooks team and a world reference in ultra-trail running, and local competitor Julien Delamur (qualified Mountain guide and level 2 FFA coach) offer a preparation course for the 6000D at the end of July. Far from the usual training references, Stéphane gets off the beaten track and proposes an alternative method that places trail running first and foremost as an art of living, where body and mind progress together.

12 places

Women’s course – 15 to 19 August 2016

A course with the famous French runner, Caroline Freslon, which combines training, detox and wellbeing.

12 places


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27th 6000D: 28th – 30th July


28th Grand Bec Alpine Trail – 14th August, 2016

23 km course designed for competitors who enjoy jagged trails and majestic landscapes, at the entrance to the Vanoise National Park. Elevation gain: 1,616m. Licensed course, part of the 73FFA schedule.

New: a 10 km trail with 500m of elevation gain (Minimum age 16)


20th edition of the Prajourdane – 9th August, 2016

Fun race over 9.5 km, leaving from Plagne-Montalbert and finishing at Prajourdan at 2,000 m.

Elevation gain: 650 m.