New this summer

New this summer

An evening walk under the starry sky

Leaving from Plagne Villages, the group of walkers set off with Philippe, their hiking guide and guide to the stars. The first stop is Les Killis restaurant on the Champagny-en-Vanoise side to enjoy a convivial meal and a view of the sun setting over the Vanoise glaciers. After eating their fill, the group heads off again to the Col de Forcle for a session of star gazing, maybe even spotting the international space station!

20€/pers. for the hike, meal extra – Plagne Villages / Champagny-en-Vanoise

Family survival course

The goal here is to learn how to cope on your own in the wild! Families looking for an adventure and to get back to the essentials learn survival techniques with Guillaume. Whether you take the 1-day option or two days with a bivouac, you will be in full immersion in the wild, learning: orientation, map reading, how to light a fire with just a flint and a few other tools and how to build a shelter.

30€/pers. for 1 day. Family rates – – Versant du Soleil / La Plagne

Sophrology and nature

In the heart of nature which you will see in a different light through a palette of colours, scents and music, Karine proposes sophrology sessions, for a rejuvenating effect using the positive energy of trees, water, wind, the moon and the earth. A special wellbeing experience where you can walk, breathe and relax with your mind and body in harmony.  

23€/adult & 18€/child – Friday afternoons, on reservation – – Montchavin-Les Coches

Ventrigliss waterslide

In a nod to the famous “It’s A Knockout” TV show, a giant water slide will be set up for the whole summer season! Whether you slide down on your back, or headfirst if you’re more daring, the 125 m long water slide is sure to be great fun!

½ day, 10€/adult, 6€/child – – Montalbert

Orientation courses

There will be no less than 12 trails set up this summer across La Plagne. With a map and compass, participants set off to look for the hidden markers. Orienteering is a great nature sport that anyone can try, from an easy 20-minute itinerary to an athletic trail lasting several hours.

Free – – La Plagne

Botany lesson in the trees

A botany lesson with your legs dangling in space…it sounds like a crazy idea! And yet, this very experience is being proposed in the Champagny le Haut valley. Once you reach the treetops, you can discuss the role and interactions of trees in the mountains. Sitting around a table (also suspended), tea is served and then there is a session of reproducing the scenery through sketches.

10€/pers. – from 4th to 6th of August –
– Champagny-en-Vanoise