New ! Escape Game

New ! Escape Game

Ben Valentin, a former freestyle ski champion from La Plagne and an avid fan of Escape Games, is setting up 2 escape game rooms in Plagne Bellecôte as a family venture: an exclusivity in the Tarentaise valley!
In teams of 2 to 6 people, participants have 1hr to escape by advancing through the plot and solving puzzles.
One of the rooms will be family-friendly while the other is more thrilling.


“Hunting the Chuppa Yeti”  – Min. age 8

Yetis are the new fashionable pet, but to adopt one you have to find it first! Luckily, participants can count on help from a guidebook and old Émile, a specialist in local fauna.


“The Mont Saint Jacques Bunker” – Min. age 16

In a post-apocalyptic world, there are only a few survivors and safe refuges. A signal offers hope of a way out, but where does it lead??


Pratical info

Accessible in French and English.

On-line reservations:

20€ to 38€ / pers.