Head in the tree

Head in the tree

Supervised by Charlie Delhumeau from Grimpe d’Arbre, nature-lovers can learn to climb trees and sleep in a hammock hung in the branches, in Champagny en Vanoise.

These unusual activities that contribute to your awareness and understanding of trees are on offer in the protected site of Champagny le Haut from 2nd – 4th August 2016. Places limited!


Tree climbing

Three hour session in the afternoon

Minimum age seven, group of eight people maximum

Rates: adult 25€ and child 22€

Info and registration: La Plagne Tourisme Champagny en Vanoise – Tel. +33 (0)4 79 55 06 55


Night in a hammock in the trees

Night activity, sleeping on semi-rigid, stable hammocks hanging 12 to 15 metres off the ground.

Stretch out in a sleeping bag with a harness, the one-night guests are held secure by a lifeline. The system allows you to pull yourself up, under Charlie’s supervision.

Maximum capacity: four people per night, minimum two people

Minimum age 10 years

Rates: from 35€ according to number of people

Info and registration: Charlie Delhumeau – Tel. +33 (0) – www.lecorce-sensible.com