Fast Forward, part II!

Fast Forward, part II!

In part I, Kevin Rolland and Julien Régnier were adversaries in a high-speed chase. This time, they are involved together in a wild race on skis, looking for clues that will answer the puzzle of a mysterious phenomenon.

In this second episode, that is just as fast-moving, intrepid and artistic as the first, the playground of La Plagne, the main setting for the intrigue, reveals a number of different backdrops. The 2 heroes enter into a curious double act that showcases their skiing prowess. The urban feel is still in the forefront of the film but with additional backcountry and freeride images for more of a “mountain” atmosphere.

It took a month of filming to complete the video with weather conditions that were not always easy. The participants were sorely tried and had to work at strange times of the day when they lost their visual cues. Along with the same team, the video was once again filmed by producer Mathias Lopez, coming up with new ideas for scenes that were sometimes quite risky.

“We worked at a fast pace that was physically hard, but Julien and I worked even more closely!” Kevin Rolland

“An even better story that really draws you in and great energy throughout the filming” Julien Régnier


5 minute video that will go out on the web

Coming out at the end of November 2016

Actors: the skiers Kevin Rolland and Julien Régnier

Producer: Mathias Lopez

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